How does Spotping personify the consumer experience?

How does Spotping personify

When the search engine was invented, it turned the entire concept of mass marketing on its head. Instead of taking a product and aiming it at the largest possible audience, it was now possible to take a product or even a service and find the one person it would appeal to the most. 

Almost all the advances in electronic commerce in the last twenty years have taken full advantage of these dynamics. Whenever you hear stories about how an algorithm is making shopping easier or is being used to “personalize” the shopping experience, you are hearing a story about how computers and their programming are adapting themselves and the products they offer to more perfectly match what the customer wants. 

It is a process of very gradual incremental improvement, but since it can be expressed mathematically, it is a process that also gradually reaches an exact match. Granted, some products and services may only appeal to an audience of a few thousand people, but in a world where the overwhelming majority of advertising dollars are either going in the wrong direction or not quite hitting their target, businesses would much rather target an audience made up of future super fans than target an enormous and incredibly expensive mass audience and hope the super-fans emerge from it someday. 

Adapt and Thrive

Among the various things Spotping does differently from other marketing platforms is something called “adaptation”. Since we know engaged customers already do certain things when they are happy with a purchase or a subscription to a service of some kind, we built Spotping to strengthen the association between certain ads, purchases and behaviors to better reward both the customers and the businesses that take advantage of this new technology.  What we found is that almost all the functions that previously required rooms full of people can be automated to one degree or another.  The result is a gradual improvement in the buyer-seller relationship that not only creates opportunities to sell more product but reduces the costs in the process. 

Cost Advantage

Whenever the potential for reduced costs is brought up, business owners come running. Keeping expenses down is the watch word in modern business, especially in those industries where margins are thin and profitability is a race between cost reduction and scale. The good news is skillful entrepreneurs can balance cost reductions with incentives for new purchases on the Spotping platform. Further, they can advertise those incentives with gradually increasing efficiency over time. As long as the numbers add up, and further can be managed so they hit their targets over time, the results can be not only profitable, but scalable across audiences and industries. 

Adaptability has been the secret weapon in the e-commerce arsenal since the first product sales and shareware sites went up in the mid-1990s.  Every industry has had opportunities to find improvement and many have advanced to the point where sales are growing, and entire new product categories are starting to take off.

When you find improvement and profitability in those businesses, you can be sure Spotping will be there. 

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