How does Spotping make the advertising media chain efficient?

How does Spotping make the ad

Efficiency in any system is the combination of knowledge and communication of that knowledge to the points where it can be best utilized. A perfect example of this is the market efficiency in a securities exchange. Because buyers and sellers have up to the second, and in some cases up to the fraction-of-a-second information about the price of any given issue and up to the quarter information about the company’s current financial status, it is possible to know with almost complete certainty whether a stock is priced too high, too low or just right. 

In the advertising market, a seller knowing what a particular ad is worth is like having a map to buried treasure. The only things that matter to any advertiser are the per-unit returns on their buys and the size of the market for whatever it is they are selling. In a perfectly efficient market, it would then be possible to adjust price and marketing expenses to guarantee a revenue-positive campaign.  The only problem with that approach has been the fact there was no end-to-end solution for advertisers until now. 

What Spotping does differently that advertisers will eventually take note of is remove the uncertainty in the market, by making the pricing fixed. The person who needs this information the most is the business owner. If they can gauge effectiveness, and they can see the price in real time, they can get what no other ad platform offers, results optimized for any success metric: cost per conversion, cost per click, conversion percentage, margin or growth rate…

This is vitally important because all advertisers have different goals, and some may have different objectives depending on what product they happen to be selling at any given time.

Consider why ads are purchased in the first place.

Sellers have a product they want to currently sell. It’s probably a product that gives them advantage for the present moment. Perhaps they got a great deal at wholesale. Perhaps it’s a product that gets buyers into their sales funnel. Perhaps it is a loss leader that will generate downstream sales at higher margins.

The key is that product is being advertised for a reason, and therefore it is necessary for the seller to have immediate access to data they can use to refine and maximize the products selling performance. Only an efficient market can deliver complete data when it is needed.  Spotping creates those efficiencies because they are built into the market it creates. 

The entire promise of data-driven markets are the answers to questions that have been asked time and time again but have produced no useful information. Who is buying our product? Why? When?  Where are the buyers coming from? At what price do we see the highest demand?  

Clearly those answers could create huge opportunities if they could be obtained in a timely fashion.

We think you’ll find Spotping will be the source of those opportunities and more.


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