How can a consumer redeem Spotping tokens?

How can a consumer redeem Spotping tokens

The lingua franca of commerce has always been a little something extra.  Think about it.  When was the last time you saw a product or a service advertised without some additional incentive included?

For the last sixty years, you haven’t even been able to buy soap without getting a little something extra.  Extra strength.  Extra white whites. Extra colorful colors.

It’s gotten to the point where if you don’t get something more than one donut for a dollar you feel like you’ve missed out somehow. 

In the age of electronic commerce, the something extra principle has been advanced to a science. Not only do you get something extra, you get a personalized experience combined with the potential for a never-ending combination of products, services, special offers and up-to-the-minute news so you never miss out on a single detail. 

Now, for some people, this is Heaven on Earth, especially if they are looking forward to immersing themselves in something new like a favorite television series or fitness class.  So, when we started looking for ways to make Spotping deliver a little something extra, we decided to play on our existing strength: adaptability. 

Universal Incentives

Picture your next trip to your favorite mall. You can’t wait to get there, because for the next ninety minutes, you have access to what might be the greatest deal on frozen yogurt in human history.  You collect your icy treat, and then discover you have earned a Spotping Token. After a few moments of investigation, you further discover that token can be redeemed for a discount on your next book purchase. You were headed for the bookstore anyway, so you check it out.  Sure enough, that token can be redeemed towards the exact book you were planning to purchase.  How is this possible? Because you told Spotping to be on the lookout for that deal, and Spotping awards you tokens after every qualifying purchase. 

Then you discover you received more tokens because of your book purchase.  You can see where this is headed. 

Making Shopping Easier

Everyone has had the experience of watching a grocery checker paw through a mountain of coupons to see which ones apply to which purchases.  Fifty years ago, coupons were a great way to incentivize housewives to buy your brand of counter cleaner over the other leading brand. The only problem is coupons are a mass media tool. Spotping and the technologies it utilizes are personal tools. The purpose of a token is to make things more affordable for you.  Whether you decide you want to redeem them for digital currencies, gift cards or discounts on purchases, the Spotping token is the universal coupon that you accumulate without scissors and without spending Sunday morning buried in newsprint. 

The future is here, and it’s likely to make electronic commerce so simple and so streamlined that you no longer have to worry about missing out.

Spotping is your digital companion. It’s always thinking, and it’s always ready to find ways for you to save money, save time and get more out of your shopping dollar. 

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